Strategies to Drive More Conversions from Your Google Ads

Are you interested in driving more conversions from your Google Ads?

Of course, you are!

Implementing the right strategies to drive more conversions is especially important if you are seeing few or no conversions from your Google Ads. Knowing the steps you can take to improve your results can lead to increased revenue and a healthier bottom line.

Choose among these strategies to drive more conversions from your Google Ads.

Allow adequate time for conversions

The Google Ads platform uses the conditions you selected to deliver your Ads. Therefore, your Ad delivery impacts how users interact with your campaign.

  • Google uses data from your campaign interactions to detect patterns and further optimize your Ads.
  • An adequate amount of time is needed to gather enough data and learn how to serve your Ad.
  • You must let your Google Ads be served long enough for the algorithm to determine what is most effective.

Check your conversion tracking

If you are seeing few or no conversions from your Google Ads campaign, check whether your conversion tracking was properly set up and is working. Or, if you no longer are seeing conversions, check your Change History to determine whether a change could have led to this issue.

Review your location targeting

Google Ads lets you choose your location targeting for a campaign. If you are a local business, you should target the local area. Or, if you are a national business, you should target major cities.

Having your presence or interest settings incorrectly set can impact your conversions. You can choose from these options:

  • Presence or interest: People who are in, regularly in or expressing interest in this location
  • Presence: People who are in or regularly in this location
  • Interest: People searching for this location

Although Google defaults to presence or interest, this setting is not ideal for every business. For instance, an individual looking up an area where they will be vacationing would not be interested in finding a pediatric practice there. Therefore, make sure you choose the right setting for your business.

Consider the timing of your Google Ads

You might see spikes or dips in your Google Ad conversions during specific times of the day, week, month or year. Therefore, you should give yourself adequate time to determine what is typical for your conversions.

Write down the patterns you uncover during a set time. Then, decide whether to adjust your bids or Ad schedule accordingly.

Check your keyword intent alignment

Review the keywords you chose for your Google Ads:

  • Ensure you’re bidding on keywords with commercial and transactional intent, such as buy and compare.
  • Include long-tail keywords that are specific to your offering, relevant to your audience and less expensive than other keywords.
  • Monitor your search terms report to exclude terms that are triggering your ads to show users who are not in your target audience.

Do you want to drive more conversions from your Google Ads?

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