Marketing Plans for Non-Profits

Your non-profit likely has a small team and limited resources. This means you have to do more with less.

Your non-profit’s marketing plans are important. These strategies raise awareness for your mission, attract clients and volunteers, and solicit donors and sponsors.

If you need assistance with your non-profit’s marketing plans, these tips can help.

Focus on inbound marketing

Inbound marketing creates valuable experiences that positively affect individuals and your organization.

  • Elevated awareness for your non-profit
  • Inspiration and engagement for your community
  • Attraction of clients, volunteers, donors and sponsors
  • Increased donations and fundraising

Define your marketing goals

Create actionable objectives to carry out your non-profit’s mission.

  • Collaborate with your volunteers, staff, board of directors, donors and other stakeholders to create these objectives.
  • Develop three to five marketing tactics, such as publishing content on social media, sending an email newsletter and hosting fundraising events, to reach each objective.
  • Turn your objectives and marketing tactics into SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) goals.

Understand your target audiences

Your non-profit likely targets community members, clients, volunteers, donors and/or sponsors. This means your marketing should differ based on your audience.

Tailor your messages

Determine what you want each target audience to learn, remember and share about your organization.

  • Tailored messages ensure the same information is being shared by everyone involved with your non-profit.
  • Your marketing messages stay aligned throughout your organization.
  • Your messages include the same purpose and meaning but vary according to your audience.
  • Combined with your non-profit’s mission, vision, values and goals, tailored messages communicate your organization’s purpose and needs.

Develop your marketing strategies

Decide whether to use social media, email marketing, fundraising events and/or other methods to reach your marketing goals.

  • Consider why each marketing method is important.
  • Determine what to do with each method.
  • Figure out when each method will take place.
  • Include who is responsible for each method.
  • Evaluate your spending amount.
  • Tie each method to your marketing goals.

Measure your marketing performance

Regularly analyze and report on your marketing results. Determine what’s working, what needs to change and how it can be improved.

The following are suggested marketing strategies and performance indicators:

  • Email marketing: email opens
  • Event marketing: ticket sales
  • Social media: shares and comments
  • Website: page views
  • Content marketing: subscriptions

Need help creating your non-profit’s marketing plan?

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