Nurture Client Relationships Through Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about creating content for people to share. When you provide content that appeals to your target audience, you attract qualified prospects to your business. The value your company provides is what makes them come back for more.

If you read our blog, you probably know that the goal of inbound marketing is to:

  • attract potential customers with blog posts, e-books, whitepapers, case studies and other educational content
  • engage customers by reaching out and responding through live chats, social media, email, phone and other channels to get help
  • please customers with your products/services so they provide feedback, reviews and referrals

All of these actions help you nurture client relationships. Here’s how.

What is inbound marketing?

(If you’re not familiar with inbound marketing, here are some basics.)

Inbound marketing lets your company attract and engage with customers in a manner that builds trust and delivers value. The goal is to deepen a customer’s relationship with your business over time. Digital tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO), video tutorials and webinars, podcasts and social media posts are used to strengthen this relationship. When you provide content that benefits customers, the value they receive from your interactions makes them more motivated to buy from you.

How can my company use inbound marketing?

Here are some ways to nurture customer relationships through inbound marketing.

Learn everything about your clients

Gain all the data you can through customer interactions. Interacting through social media, email and other content provides greater insight into your clients and relationships.

Start by providing product/service tips and updates, success stories and other content your customers will find useful and/or entertaining. Respond to questions and concerns. Initiate other interactions through phone interviews, surveys or focus groups. Show appreciation for loyalty to your company. Then, use analytics to gather data from your nurturing process, such as job title, geography and products purchased, to drive future customer nurturing campaigns.

Segment your clients

Divide your customers into groups based on common characteristics. This lets you more effectively market to them. Common demographics include age, gender, marital status, location (urban, suburban, rural) and life stage (empty-nester, retired, etc.) You can better tailor your marketing efforts through various channels based on each group’s needs and interests.

Provide exceptional customer experiences

Since customers today have more choices than ever before, your marketing efforts need to focus on your target audience. One way to do this is by reacting quickly to customers’ needs so they feel valued and appreciated. And, anticipate their needs so you can present them with products/services they didn’t know they wanted. These steps help create exceptional experiences so that customers become superfans. They’re more likely to remain loyal to your company then.

Need help with your inbound marketing?

Contact BARQAR today! As leaders in digital marketing, our experts will help you create the right inbound marketing strategy to nurture customer relationships and create a healthier bottom line.

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