Is IOS 14 Going to Impact Your Marketing Strategy?

When it comes to marketing your small business, you may be concerned about Apple’s iOS 14 update. Released in September 2020, the update impacts data tracking permissions. As a result, the effectiveness of Facebook ads for targetinglead generation, and other marketing has come into question.

What’s so disruptive about the iOS 14 update?

The privacy and data sharing policies, known as Apple’s App Tracking Transparency Framework (ATTF), lets users turn off data sharing on their iPhone to protect their privacy and information. When downloading an app from the App Store, a popup asks whether to grant the app permission to track the user’s activity across apps and websites owned by other companies.

Why does this matter?

Most users probably will not want to be tracked across the internet. However, Facebook needs to access this user behavior in order to measure the effectiveness of its ad campaigns and target segments of the population.

How can the iOS 14 update affect Facebook marketing?

Facebook pixels can track user activity on other websites and other apps. These pieces of code are installed on a website or app. When a user visits the site and takes action, such as adding an item to their cart, making a purchase, or visiting a landing page, the pixel notifies Facebook where the information is stored as data for your campaigns. You can use the information to determine which ads work and don’t work. You also gain insight to help improve your ads and retarget specific groups of users, such as those who added items to their cart but didn’t make a purchase.

How can the update affect the impact of Facebook pixels on my advertising campaigns?

You can place an unlimited number of pixels on your website for as many marketing campaigns as you want. In most cases, you should add pixels to every page to track the conversions it sees. However, the iOS 14 update allows only eight-pixel objectives on one domain. This significantly reduces the amount of data you can collect, report on, and use. Plus, users who opt out of the data-sharing permission won’t be trackable by pixels. Without being able to track user behavior, Facebook’s targeting function will be decreased and the data collected will be reduced. Your ad likely will be less personalized, efficient, and effective, resulting in fewer leads and increased expenses.

How can I plan my Facebook ad campaigns around the iOS 14 update?

  • Target the data from Android users.
  • Decide which eight Facebook pixel events and custom conversions are most important to your business.
  • Verify your domain to ensure the data received by your pixels are accurately delivered to Facebook.

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