Beyond the Cart: 3 Benefits of Shoppable Posts

Want to turn social media into a virtual store?

Shoppable posts may be right for your business.

What are shoppable social posts?

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook, you’ve seen those posts that allow you to click through to a merchant’s landing page where you can browse and buy products. These are shoppable posts, and they’ve forever changed consumers’ purchasing behavior.

Shoppers love the convenience this digital marketing trend – relevant products are delivered right to their Instagram feed, and buying is incredibly simple – but shoppable posts have advantages for business, too.

If you have an Instagram Business account, here are three benefits shoppable posts can create for you:

Gather data.

Great digital marketing uses data to drive decision making: The more relevant information you have about your target audience, the smarter your marketing becomes. Shoppable posts help you gather critical data about shoppers to improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing. For example,

click-through rates (CTRs) tell you which products are most popular with consumers and help you determine which images and videos are the most compelling. You can use what you learn to improve your shoppable posts and ultimately drive conversions.

Tell your story.

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tool that engages your audience, elicits an emotional response, and improves consumers’ memory of your products. Shoppable social media leverages storytelling to help you sell your product visually, using images and video. By creating a narrative around your brand, you increase the likelihood that your audience will fall in love with your products and ultimately buy from you.

Simplify product discovery.

If you think consumers are averse to advertising on social media, think again. In fact, 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery. Shoppable posts capitalize on users’ purchase readiness – placing your products in their feed at a time when they’re ready to learn about your offerings and primed to buy.

How should you be using digital marketing for your business?

Ask BARQAR! Our digital marketing experts will:

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