Facebook Fundamentals for a Successful Marketing Campaign

Everyone knows that Facebook is a great platform for digital advertising. It offers flexible, cost-effective options to target your exact audience from its mind-blowing 2.4 billion monthly active users.

In today’s post, we share practical tips to help you set up a successful Facebook advertising campaign.

  1. Start with clear goals. Before you start choosing imagery and writing copy, ask yourself this important question: What are you trying to achieve? The type of campaign you create will depend on whether you’re trying to increase sales, generate awareness, drive traffic to your website/blog or something else. Make sure you define what you want to get from the campaign, so you can choose the right campaign.
  2. Define your target audience. Facebook offers three audience selection tools, as well as multiple options for targeting the right people within those groups. In this post, we explain how to use targeting properly to reach the right audience and maximize your campaign results.
  3. Use “AND/OR” logic correctly. Facebook’s targeting is multi-layered, allowing you to choose multiple groups, as well as define multiple parameters to narrow a single group. When setting up your audience, be sure to select an audience that’s narrow enough so that you’re not wasting money, but broad enough to reach a sufficient number of people.
  4. Refine geotargeting. Facebook allows you to deftly control the geographic boundaries within which your ads will be served – including countries, states, cities, zip codes, congressional districts and more. Choose the best parameter(s) to match your target market. You can:
    1. drop a pin to choose people within a radius around your business
    2. target people who live in or recently lived in a location
    3. serve ads to people who are traveling in a location
    4. choose a combination of these parameters
  5. Optimize ad frequency. Ever see an ad so frequently in your feed that it ticks you off? If so, then you know how important it is to monitor ad frequency. Make sure you’re not bombarding your target audience with ads by choosing an appropriate number of ad impressions within a specified time frame. A good rule of thumb? Choose an ad frequency that’s half the number of days you select in your time frame.

Want to learn more about Facebook advertising?

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