100 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team (Part 2)

So you’ve devoured Part 1 of the list and are ready to move on to the next 20 motivational tips?

GREAT…so are we…because although you can find “101 Ways to Annoy Your Parents” online, we’re not sure it’s very applicable in your typical office environment.

Without further ado, here is Part 2 of the submissions we received, to motivate your sales team, from managers such as yourself:

21. Get the staff together to brainstorm alternative approaches to your business challenges. Often, new eyes on a problem can help create a new solution. As a result, sales people feel supported and other staff feel involved.

22. Hold company meetings in parks. Create fun sales contests with prizes and themes.

23. Buy lunch for employees once a month.

24. Communicate well and communicate often. Talk to your people to get a sense of how they feel. People simply want to be heard.

25. Engage in some more personal perks—spontaneous breakfasts, flowers, sending employees home early for the day, etc.

26. Use incentives to get the staff going. For example, provide shopping trips or spa trips if you reach your goals.

27. Send personal notes of kudos.

28. Focus on customers’ needs and expectations, keeping the attention off of your own trials. Celebrate successes. Have fun.

29. Re-evaluate everything you’re doing…cut out what doesn’t make sense.

30. Discuss quotas and expectation levels with your staff, and revise if necessary.

31. Report your personal successful (and not so successful) results to your team.

32. Hold weekly meetings to discuss what your employees are doing and discuss new opportunities. Show interest in all their accomplishments and support in their disappointments.

33. Take everyone to play best ball in golf – it’s a great team building exercise, even if employees aren’t great golfers!

34. Over communicate. People can deal with stress better if they know the big picture. Share results and information broadly across the organization.

35. Close the office once a quarter and take your staff out to lunch.

36. If someone feels like they “hit a wall,” have him stop and resume calls the next day. Require him to take a break or take a walk and then resume calling.

37. Provide additional training or opportunities to attend industry conferences.

38. Provide teamwork incentives to create the “stale cheese” report. This helps associates see where markets have shifted from and where the new money / opportunities are.

39. Remind them that honesty in sales is long-term thinking. Train them to know what their customers need, not just what you have to sell.

40. When things are extra slow, allow people more time off for personal things like school functions or youth activities.


Check back soon for the next 20 responses in our countdown.


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