Drive Traffic to Your Website – Without SEO

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Why? Because it’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website!

But notice we didn’t say, “It’s the only way.”

When it comes to attracting people to your website, SEO isn’t the only game in town.

The truth is, you don’t have to rank #1 in Google search to bring the right people to your site (thank goodness!). And while search engine optimization is an important part of a great digital marketing strategy, there are several other tactics you should be using to complement SEO.

Here’s how to drive targeted traffic to your site – without SEO:

    1. Blog regularly. Write original posts (for humans – no keyword stuffing!) about topics your readers find interesting. Does content work? Absolutely. In fact, content marketing leaders get nearly 8 times more site traffic than non-leaders. If you need help creating a content plan that delivers great marketing results, here are 7 steps to follow.
    2. Build – and use – a kick-ass email list. By creating an opt in email list, you build a pool of people who want to hear about your products, services, special deals, new offerings and more. Including website links in those emails drives current and potential customers to your site to learn more, place an order, download content, claim an offer, contact you, etc.
    3. Go social. Your target audience is on social media every day. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are ideal platforms for creating awareness, staying top of mind, building your brand, and yes – increasing your web traffic. If you’d like to get started with social media marketing, this post provides a great primer.
    4. Answer questions in discussion forums. At this very moment, people are using question-and-answer sites like Quora and LinkedIn Answers to learn about things you could – and should – be helping them with. You’re an expert in your industry, so use that expertise to your marketing advantage! Browse Q&A sites and start answering questions related to your field. Be sure to provide solid suggestions and advice (skip the blatant sales pitch). Over time, you’ll establish yourself as a trusted expert. And as more people discover you, they’ll visit your site too.
    5. Guest blog. Similar to Q&A forums, other organizations’ blogs are a great place to create brand awareness, share your expertise and attract people to your website. Industry associations, relevant business publications and companies that aren’t direct competitors – but share your target audience – are great places to start.

Want to drive more of the right people to your website?

SEO. Email marketing. Blogging. Brand building. Social media marketing. Yep – we do it all! And our experts would love the opportunity to create a killer marketing strategy that helps you sell more. Get in touch today.


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