Bad Marketers Lack Appeal

Emotional appeal, that is.

Smart marketing…uses emotions to create a response.

The way customers remember an experience impacts how they rate it. And you know what dramatically affects the way customers remember experiences with your business?

You guessed it: emotions.

So let’s connect the dots here. If you want customers to:

  • rate your business favorably…
  • choose your products, services or solutions over a competitors’…
  • recommend your company to friends and family…
  • do more repeat business with you…

…engage with them in ways that trigger their emotions.

This isn’t just “touchy-feely” nonsense.

Research from Princeton psychologists show that humans form first impressions in less than one second. Several other studies, like the ones referenced in this Psychology Today article, point to the powerful role emotion plays in influencing consumer behavior.

So, while it would be nice if we made rational purchase decisions based on facts, logic and data, that’s not how we’re wired. Instead, we make quick, gut-level, emotional decisions based on how people, brands and situations make us feel.

Smart marketers leverage emotional responses to drive marketing ROI.

Fear. Empathy. Joy. Anger. Trust. What emotion ties most closely to the value you provide? If you can answer this question, you can craft a marketing strategy to leverage that emotion – and drive customers to take the actions you want.

Here are three of the most effective emotional appeals smart marketers use:

  1. Alleviating pain. Pain is bad and makes people unhappy. Whether that pain is physical or psychological (e.g., embarrassment, anxiety, fear), logically, they’ll do whatever they can to avoid/prevent it.
  2. Assigning their products/services a deeper value. A frozen tray of lasagna is more than a product to stave off hunger; it brings people together for meaningful family time around the dinner table. A smart phone is more than just a cool piece of technology; it’s a tool that eliminates distance between people and builds stronger connections. You get the idea.
  3. FOMO. “Fear of missing out” or regretting a decision is a powerful driver of consumer behavior. Smart marketers know how to position their products, services and solutions as the best option to prevent post-purchase regret.

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