Slay the Competition with Remarketing

Want to:

    • increase targeted traffic to your website;
    • generate more inbound sales leads;
    • get more customers; and
    • crush your competitors?

Remarketing is here to save the day.

What is Remarketing?

Digital marketing retargeting – also known as remarketing – allows you to serve targeted ads to your previous customers or website visitors. Using advanced marketing technology, remarketing displays ads to these individuals as they browse Google or the 2+ million websites that are part of Google’s partner sites and apps (also known as Google Display Network).

Google Ads provides several ways to remarket, based on your needs:

    • Standard remarketing shows ads to past website visitors as they browse Google’s partner sites and apps.
    • Dynamic remarketing takes remarketing to the next level, showing specific product or service ads to people who viewed them on your website.
    • Remarketing lists for search ads. When people leave your site without converting, this type of campaign helps you connect with these potential customers as they continue looking for what they need using Google search.
    • Video remarketing if you have a YouTube channel with substantial traffic, this option allows you to show ads to individuals who have interacted with your videos or your channel while they’re on YouTube or as they browse Google’s partner websites and apps.
    • Customer list remarketing using your customer contact information, Google serves ads to these individuals when they’re signed into Google and using various Google products.

Why Does It Make Sense?

    • It targets the right people where they spend time online. Your best prospects are ones who have already visited your website or mobile app. Remarketing reaches them where they’re already spending a significant portion of their day.
    • Multiple uses. Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, drive sales or simply stay top of mind, remarketing is an ideal tool to connect with your target audience.
    • Focused advertising. Advanced technology allows you to create separate lists for specific advertising needs. For example, you can set up a the campaign to serve ads to individuals who placed an item in an online shopping cart, but didn’t complete the transaction.
    • Cost efficiency. Automated, real-time bidding helps you calculate the ideal bid to show a person your ad, helping you win the ad auction at the lowest possible price.

Ready to Give Remarketing A Try?

Creating a high-performance, cost-effective remarketing campaign takes time and expertise – but that’s what we’re here for! Contact BARQAR’s performance marketing experts today to drive more sales and slay the competition.


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