Bad Marketers Think SEO Lasts Forever

Smart marketers…understand that SEO is a process – not a one-time event.

Want to dominate search results? Get ranked higher? Generate more traffic to your website? What business doesn’t! After all, 94% of buyers conduct online research, and 77% use Google search.

If you don’t dominate SEO, you’re losing business.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that SEO doesn’t last forever. Search engines continually update the methodology by which they determine rank, responding to behavioral and technical shifts online.

For example, the explosion of mobile devices has led Google to more heavily weight factors like site-load speed and responsive design. And with more people using voice input (e.g., Siri, Cortana) for search, keyword strings are getting longer – which may impact the terms you need to rank well for.

Honestly, these are just a few of the myriad reasons you can’t take a “set it and forget it” approach to search engine optimization. If SEO is continually evolving, how can you stay dialed in – and rank above your competitors?

At BARQAR, we use a strategic, 6-step approach to ensure you stay on target:

  1. Defining SEO goals.
    Search engine optimization is about driving a LOT of targeted traffic to your website—not just ranking well for one search term. We identify your real business goals and build an SEO plan that works.
  2. SEO competition analysis.
    We analyze your current SEO efforts and look at competitors’ SEO as well. Using this information, we identify areas in which you can excel.
  3. SEO keyword research.
    We use a collection of advanced research tools to analyze keyword search volume and competition. Combining specific geographic and industry research, we pinpoint the exact SEO keywords and phrases to drive the right traffic to your website.
  4. On-page search engine optimization.
    Our SEO copywriters and programming team search-optimizes the copy and code on your website to capture the attention of search engines and drive more SEO results for your company.
  5. Search engine submissions.
    Robots.txt setup, canonical URLs, xml sitemap submissions…we understand the technical aspects of SEO that dramatically impact your rankings. All you need to know is that we make sure Google, Bing and Yahoo crawl your website, so you rank higher – and get more targeted search traffic!
  6. Reporting and analytics.
    As we’ve said, SEO isn’t a one-time project; it’s an ongoing process. After your SEO plan is initiated, we provide reporting to gauge success and identify areas for further SEO improvement. We also offer ongoing content writing services to turn your website into a true SEO machine!

For most of our clients, search engine traffic accounts for a huge percentage of overall website traffic. So, not surprisingly, businesses that take a strategic, ongoing approach to SEO get traffic from people searching for the exact services they offer.

Need to overhaul your SEO? Have questions? Want additional guidance?

Let BARQAR’s Buffalo SEO experts conduct a free audit of your SEO strategy. We’ll review what you’re doing right and provide practical suggestions for improving your search rankings and driving more qualified leads.

Get your free SEO audit from BARQAR.

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