Want to make your business as successful as possible?  The key to every successful business are happy customers.  So step up your customer service by injecting a little Disney magic into their experience.

Recently, one of our Marketing Advisors took a trip to Disneyworld and had such a great customer experience that she felt the need to report back on it.  Where did this experience take place?  At Cinderella’s castle?  At one of the many great EPCOT restaurants?  No…it was in a very unlikely place: a parking garage!

Below, she explains how Disney transformed the mundane, and often annoying task, into something magical.

Customer Service, Disney Style

During my last visit to Florida, I was excited to go to Disney Springs, Walt Disney World Resort’s newest dining, shopping and entertainment district. But I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the prospect of hunting for a parking spot, and then waiting for a shuttle (or hoofing it half a mile) to get to the entrance.

When I got there, though, I was floored. Disney Springs went vertical and high-tech with their parking – and made the experience fantastic:

  • They replaced massive lots with multi-level parking garages.
  • They added sensors to every single spot that turn green when the spot is empty (and turn off when the spot is full).
  • Those sensors send real-time feedback to screens located at the entrance to every garage, floor and row, displaying how many spaces are available.

The result? It’s faster and easier to find an empty spot. Your car stays much cooler because it’s covered. And when you’re ready to leave, you never have to wander through an enormous lot, looking for your car.

Disney has taken one of the most difficult aspects of a customer’s visit to it’s park and not only improved it….but made it pretty cool.

What can your business learn from this customer service experience?

  • Exceptional customer service can occur anywhere. Who would’ve thought that the mundane experience of parking could be transformed into a service opportunity? If you scrutinize every customer touchpoint, you’ll find dozens of new opportunities to wow your customers; both existing & potential.
  • Surprises delight customers. Most people expect to have to endure hassles – whether they’re parking a car or waiting in line to place or pick up an order. When you eliminate those hassles without them even asking, they’re thrilled! Surprising your customers with service improvements can have a big impact.  They will talk about it with their friends.  They will post it on social media.  Before you know it, people will be checking out your business simply because they want to see this new & improved way of doing things for themselves!
  • Details matter. Notice how we didn’t tell you that Disney displays a red light when a parking spot is full?  That’s because they don’t! They thought through how customers would interpret the tiniest micro-communication. The little things matter to your customers, too. Combined,  individual interactions and micro-messages define your customers’ total experience.

Each day, strive to find one small or unexpected way to improve a customer’s experience with your business.  Pretty soon, all of those small things will add up to big smiles on your face as you analyze your bottom line!

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