How Do I Know When My Site Is Too Old?

When was the last time you examined your website? Not just visited it and made sure it was working. Really took the time to see that it was still bringing in visitors and having them convert. If your site is not serving its purpose, your business can flatline.

The time and money you put into advertising won’t be worth it if your website isn’t functioning or is frustrating for the user.

So, how do you know whether your site needs maintenance or a complete redo?

Go to your site and ask yourself these questions:

Is my site mobile-friendly?

Websites that display well on smartphone screens and tablets typically see 50-70% of traffic coming from mobile devices. So, if your site lacks a mobile responsive design, you could be losing a significant amount of traffic and conversions.

Does my site need maintenance?

Regular maintenance is required to keep your website functioning well. After all, visitors want clarity, simplicity, and navigability. If your site loads slowly or not at all, visitors will have a poor user experience. This can drastically reduce your number of conversions and impact your bottom line.

Is my site secure?

Your website needs a security check multiple times each year. This ensures it’s up-to-date, the server is secure, and your site is being backed up regularly. After all, you don’t want visitors receiving security warnings or getting hacked after visiting your site.

Does my site still work for me?

Think about whether your website continues to meet your business goals. Keep in mind that your web-based marketing strategies should be increasing your site conversions. This process involves a combination of web development, engaging content, social media expertise, and meaningful analytics reporting. So, if your site isn’t up to par, your marketing efforts aren’t receiving optimum results.

Does my site style look dated?

As with any aspect of business, appearance matters. So, you need your website to be aesthetically pleasing. It should display your products or services, attract customers and improve your credibility in the market. And, be sure your site has an appealing layout, typography, font size and color palette in line with your brand identity. After all, visitors equate good design with good quality. This plays a role in their purchasing decision.

Need a better website?

We’re here to help you navigate the process! Let BARQAR’s marketing experts help you explore your options. We’ll build a high-performing, responsive website that attracts, engages, converts and builds a healthier bottom line for your business.

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