Simple Steps to Craft Your Business’ Positioning Message

As you know, having a strong brand is important for competing in any market. After all, companies with a strong brand benefit from greater customer loyalty, an improved image, and a relatable identity. They also gain other advantages like increased revenue and a higher EBIT margin.

So, what’s one way to control how your brand is perceived? By crafting a positioning message. Basically, you create a strategy to show how your business stands out from all the rest. This helps attract and maintain your target audience’s attention, increase brand awareness, communicate value, and justify the pricing. All of this impacts your bottom line.

How effective your positioning message affects how favorable, different, and credible consumers perceive your brand to be. So, you need a positioning message that cultivates the image you want your company to have.

How do you create an effective positioning message? Here are some tips.

Start with the basics

Begin creating your positioning message by defining who your target audience is. Then, add your mission, vision, values, and what sets you apart from the competition. Next, include your value propositioncurrent brand persona, and brand voice. Combine this information to come up with a positioning message that sounds and feels authentic. Be sure to use language that your target audience understands.

Research your competitors

See who your competition is. This will help you understand what to do to gain a competitive edge. You might want to ask your sales team which competitors come up during your sales process. Alternatively, you could use a market keyword to see which companies show up in online. Or, you can search Quora to find other companies in your niche.

Analyze your competition

See how your competitors are positioning their brand. Include the products or services they offer, their strengths and weaknesses, successful marketing strategies, and current market position.

Consider what makes your brand different

See how your products or services stand out among your competitors’ offerings. Keep in mind that one of their weaknesses may be one of your strengths. If so, this is what makes your brand unique. Continue to search for what you do better than anyone else until you can prove you provide value in a way that no other company does.

Create your positioning message

Use your findings to write a one- or two-sentence declaration of the unique value your brand provides for your customers when compared to your competitors. Be sure to consider your target customer, product, or service category, the greatest benefit you provide, and proof of the benefit.

Determine whether your positioning message works

Gather customer feedback about your positioning statement to see whether it’s having your desired effect. Use what you learn to alter your wording as needed.

Are you working on your business positioning message?

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