A Template for How To Craft Your Own Positioning Message

Smart Marketing Tip: Clearly Define Your Positioning Message

Your positioning message distinguishes your offerings from other companies’ in a way that matters to customers, so they know why they should buy from you – and not the competition!

4 elements you must define to craft a strong positioning statement:

Element #1: Your target market: Who are your customers?

  • Where are they? ______________________________________
  • What are their relevant demographics? (Job title, are they a decision maker?)


  • What are their “pain points” in business (i.e., real or perceived problems they face)


Element #2: Your category: What’s the label customers use to define what you are?

Think of your category as the label customers use to define what you are – allowing them to compare apples to apples, so to speak. Unlike the other elements of a positioning message, your category isn’t what makes you unique; it’s where your products/services stand in relation to customers’ other options.

My customers view me as… a supplier, vendor, tech product, sale tools etc :  _________________

Element #3: Your primary differentiator(s): What do you do better or differently than anyone else?

a. Why do customers buy from you? (i.e., What sets you apart from the competition?)


b. What problems do you solve? (i.e., How are your products or services relevant?)


c. How do you make people’s lives better? (i.e., What are the quantifiable benefits your products or services deliver?)


Element #4: The reason to believe: Why should customers have confidence in your claims?

How does your product or service help your customers solve their problems more… efficiently, cost-effectively etc.


A standard positioning statement can be constructed in the following way:

For (target audience), (brand name) is the (category) that delivers (unique differentiators) because only (brand name) is (reason to believe).

Try it…

For (_________________________________),

(______________) is the (______________) that delivers

(_________________________) because only (______________)

is (___________________________________________________).

Are you working on your company’s messaging?

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