Key Pillars to Driving Business Growth and Change: Your Position

You could drop a pin.

You could list your latitude and longitude.

You could describe how your body is situated in space.

There are myriad ways to communicate your individual “position” – but in business, your company’s position means something else entirely.

What’s a business positioning message?

In this earlier post, we explained the concept as:

“A concise statement about your business, primarily for internal use, that defines how your products, services and/or brand satisfy customers’ needs in a way your competitors just can’t. It distinguishes your offerings from other companies’ in a way that matters to customers, by clearly explaining why they should buy from you.”

A typical positioning statement includes information about:

  • Your target audience: who your customers are.
  • Your category: where your products/services stand in relation to customers’ other options.
  • Your unique differentiator(s): what makes your offerings unique – and better than the competition.
  • The reason to believe: evidence and reasons why your target customers can have confidence in the differentiation claims you make.

Why is a strong brand position so important?

A positioning statement is one of the four pillars essential to driving business growth and change. It helps:

  • Inform your marketing message – by providing a succinct, unifying foundation for all your communications anywhere you interact with customers or prospects, such as your company website, your social channels and even review sites.
  • Determine how to design your services or products – based on the wants, needs and “pain points” your customers face.
  • Compete on value, not price – by justifying how your products or services best satisfy their needs (and how competitors’ offerings are insufficient).
  • Set you apart from your competitors – by staking out a unique “territory” your competitors cannot occupy.
  • Fuel more effective decision-making. A clear core message based on your brand provides the insight you need to make smart creative decisions.
  • Win new business. Proper positioning provides the fundamental persuasive argument your sales team needs to build new relationships and close more sales.

Need Help With Your Marketing?

In today’s fast-changing business environment, a strong brand position helps you focus your offerings, your marketing message and your company’s appeal to customers and prospects. Defining yours is a weighty task, and one we’re here to help with. If you could use assistance creating a strong, focused positioning statement – or any aspect of your company’s marketing – give BARQAR’s experts a call today!

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