How Smart SEO Can Help Your Business Weather the Pandemic

These are strange and unprecedented times.

Everywhere you look, you’re inundated with media coverage about COVID-19, social distancing, economic upheaval, healthcare supply concerns and more. Media consumption and internet traffic is possibly at its highest point…ever.

With this increase in traffic, comes potential. While some businesses are looking to make cuts, others are using SEO intelligently to gain more market share.

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Here’s Why SEO May the Right Investment, Right Now

  • Scarcity drives search. Been to a grocery store lately? Key items like toilet paper, disinfecting wipes and – strangely enough – yeast are in short supply. When consumers can’t find what they need in stores, they rely more heavily on search engines to find items. And with many people furloughed, laid off or simply stuck at home, they’re spending more time online. Both of these trends give you more opportunities to get your brand and message in front of them.
  • People still need goods and services. While so many things have changed dramatically, people still consume products and seek out essential services. As a result, search engine marketing – both paid and organic – is an essential tool to reach consumers with purchase intent.
  • This downturn is temporary. While nobody has a crystal ball, conditions will eventually normalize. When the dust settles, search engine marketing will still be one of the most effective ways to dominate search and generate targeted traffic to your website.

Investing in your search engine presence now will help ensure your company is at the top of search results when the economy rebounds. It can also help ensure you outperform your competition and end up with increased market share.

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