You’re Probably Only Reaching 2% of Your Facebook Followers

Don’t just take our word for it…take a minute to look over some recent studies on Facebook:

Do you get the picture?

Your organization might have a great social media plan in place. A dedicated person to post content, fun photos from tradeshows, FAQs about your business and what you can do for your customers, etc.

But guess what, Facebook doesn’t care.

That might sound harsh, and it might be a little dramatic, but more and more, the studies above show that if you aren’t paying to play on Facebook then you’re missing out on reaching a lot of your potential audience.

Why Aren’t My Likes Growing?

This is a common question we get as social media marketing advisors. One reason could be this – half of all Facebook content gets zero shares. None.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.

If more than half of your content isn’t reaching a new audience, then how can the number of likes for your company’s Facebook page grow? It’s borderline impossible.

The answer to that is two-fold:

  • Get your internal staff to engage with your company’s posting – liking posts, commenting on posts or sharing posts on their personal or professional Facebook pages.
  • Invest in a “Like Campaign”

Here at BARQAR, we’ve been implementing a Like Campaign with some of our clients as part of our Social Pro service. I’m comfortable in saying we see an average of 30 new likes per month, with some clients going even higher.

We have other clients who have invested in a Like Campaign with the sole purpose to increase followers. Our standard “Like Campaign” for a regional industrial staffing firm has gained two likes per day since the start of May.

And one of our clients, a healthcare firm in California, invested heavily in the program and started a “Like Campaign” on July 1. They gained more than 1,400 (!) followers in the first two months of the program.

How Do I Get More People to See My Posts

A Like Campaign is a great way to start because you are increasing your audience. Then you can re-purpose your old content & blog posts that have gotten a lot of engagement while also posting new content for your existing audience.

But what if you want those posts to reach more of your followers and even Facebook users who aren’t your followers?

That’s where boosted posts and promoted posts come into play.

The dirty little secret on Facebook is that every time you post content, not all of your followers see every post…remember the 2%?

But what if you want to reach more of your established followers, or what if you want to target a specific age range, job titles, interests and more in an audience that isn’t following your page? That’s where paid Facebook promotion comes into play.

Boosting your post does just that – it takes a post already on your page and pushes it out to more people. We suggest that as an option for short-term events (trade show appearances, flash sales, company open houses) as it can be really effective in those situations. It’s as simple as throwing $20 at a post and clicking “Place Order.”

Promoted content allows for some more complicated and advanced targeting. Promoted posts take a page from your website (a blog post, job posting, contact page, etc.) and allows you to really target a specific audience with more options for bidding strategies and ad placement (Facebook’s News Feed, Mobile, Third-Party Network).

Our Social Pro service also implemented promoted content and boosted posts recently. In just the first month, results were pretty significant through just a like campaign and three pieces of content receiving ad spend:

  • Client A received 47 likes and saw website traffic from Facebook increase by 913 percent!
  • Client B received 60 likes and saw website traffic from Facebook increase by 212 percent!
  • Client C received 73 likes and saw website traffic from Facebook increase by 781 percent!

Is Facebook Advertising Affordable?

We understand…online advertising sounds like just another expense for your business…but, particularly compared to more traditional advertising, Facebook advertising is EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE.

Let me say that again without shouting, Facebook advertising is extremely affordable. I’ll dig a little deeper in future posts but for a few hundred dollars a month, you can have your ads be seen over 10,000 times (easily) by a targeted audience…not simply a circulation number. With those impressions comes more traffic to your website. With more traffic to your website comes more leads. With more leads comes more conversions.

You might be posting consistently to Facebook (and other social media outlets) and that’s great. But remember, up to 98 percent of your followers might not even be seeing what you are posting.  Those aren’t the results you want.

Take your Facebook strategy to another level and consider paid advertising. Not every solution is the right answer for the marketing goals and challenges you have…but with a little bit of analysis, BARQAR will be able to help you reach a lot more of your audience than you are today.

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