5 Ways to Make Your Employer Brand Shine This Holiday Season

Looking for ways to make your company stand out during the holidays?

Holiday-related campaigns and events are a great way to showcase your brand, strengthen your culture, and make the season a little brighter. But to do it successfully, you need the right approach (especially as the pandemic continues). As a rule of thumb, brand-building initiatives shouldn’t be all about selling; they should show appreciation for your customers, make an emotional connection, and engage people in a memorable way.

If you’re searching for inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Virtual Events

  • Host a holiday-themed game night for your employees.
  • Mail out gingerbread kits to your team, and then host a virtual happy hour/house building event.
  • Treat key clients to an individual or group online class on something that aligns with your brand. It could be as simple as cookie baking; something active like a yoga class; or something more sophisticated like wine tasting.

Social Posts

  • Create a series of short blog posts that showcase stand-out employees and thank them for their hard work and amazing contributions. Share them on your social accounts around Thanksgiving.
  • Invite your employees and customers to submit pictures of their home offices decorated for the holidays, and then share those pictures on your social accounts.
  • Create a series of holiday-themed graphics that recap your company’s values.

Email Marketing

  • Send customers or employees personalized “thank you” or holiday emails with a digital gift. Sites like Sugarwish make the process easy – and even gather feedback you can use to build your brand and online reputation!
  • Send a series of fun, branded emails with tips for surviving the holidays during a pandemic.
  • Read this earlier post for tips on creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Holiday Gifts and Appreciation

  • Record and send short, personal videos thanking key clients or customers for their continued business.
  • Add a general “We appreciate you!” video to your website’s home page.
  • Send handwritten notes on branded stationery to customers. In a world of digital communication, a handwritten note that arrives in the mail really stands out.
  • Treat a client, customer or employee to coffee. Do a little research to find out their favorite local coffee spot, and send them a gift card to grab a cup on you.

Volunteering and Charitable Contributions

  • Allow employees to take paid time off during the holidays to support a cause of their choice (in a responsible way during the pandemic, of course!). Ask them to take pictures or create a vlog of what they do, so you can highlight their contributions on your website and/or social accounts.
  • Find a worthy cause your team can contribute to during the pandemic. For example, you could safely gather and drop off donations to a local food pantry.
  • Make charitable contributions in your customers’ names, and then share the good news with your customer and your social networks.

Final Thoughts

For any campaign to be successful – whether it’s related to the holidays or not – it must be well defined, aligned with your goals and values, and well executed. And whatever route you go, document what you do (think: pictures, videos, notes), and then showcase it tastefully on your website and social accounts.

Use the tips in this post for more ways to create an initiative that highlights your employer brand this holiday season!

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