Do You Have a Video or YouTube Marketing Strategy? Here’s Data That Shows Why You Should

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When you think about social media a few big players come to mind right away…Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snap…

But there is another big player that many marketing and social strategies overlook: YouTube.

In fact, a recent survey by Pew Research Group found that the single most widely-used social platform in the US isn’t Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat…it’s YouTube. It’s not just young people flocking to the video giant, it’s every age demographic you could imagine. Here are the survey results:

How Can You Incorporate More Video?

Video scares a lot of people off. In the good ‘ole days video required expensive equipment, lighting, production crews and more. Boy how times have changed. Now anyone with a smartphone can produce decent looking video (I said decent, not amazing). So here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Behind the scenes footage.
    I’m sorry, but people don’t care about your business. They do care about the stories and people behind it. Take some time to film quick behind-the-scenes footage and share the inner workings of the company with people. It’s engaging and helps build a personal bond.
  • Create video articles.
    If you blog or write articles (and we’re BIG proponents of that), you may want to take the best-performing articles and turn those into video articles.
  • Offer webinars/education.
    If you are in a professional services oriented business or in a field in which you need to educate your audience, consider a webinar series. These online trainings are a great way to showcase your expertise and create value-added content. Check out our full library of marketing webinars.
  • Leadership interviews.
    Have your CEO or leadership team provide a quick video outlining new products/services/announcements, etc. This is a great way to promote your services in an engaging way and build a more personal connection.
  • Customer testimonials.
    This is a bit more challenging, but if you can get your best customers to be video advocates of your products or services, you can build trust and interest with everyone else.

As you can see, these are five quick ways you can start a video marketing and YouTube channel to reach your target audience. While you’re at it, be sure to check out and subscribe to the BARQAR Marketing YouTube Channel!

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