What Type of Content Do Your Customers Want?

Content marketing can be extremely effective. Content marketing can drive engagement. Content marketing can advance people through the sales process. Content marketing can help close a sale. Content marketing can differentiate your company…

…But only if you have the right content marketing strategy.

So what kind of content drives results?

Adobe recently conducted a survey of over 1,000 adult consumers. They found the recent issues of privacy, fake news and other concerns, have caused consumers to become more cautious in their viewing and sharing of content. But that doesn’t mean content marketing isn’t effective. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Brands and companies can have a huge impact on consumer impressions and buying behaviors with well-crafted content.

Here are the top 6 content characteristics that matter most to customers:


So how can you use this information in your content marketing strategy?

  1. Ensure your content is accurate!
    This seems pretty basic but it needs to be stated. When generating content make sure that it’s accurate and specific. Make sure that you fact check. Check your sources. Use data (just like we did here) to support what you’re sharing. If you present content that isn’t accurate and trustworthy, you will do more harm than good.
  2. Be informative and add value.
    Share content that walks people through how to best use your products and services. Share content that solves a unique problem or issue your clients have. Share content that eliminates a headache or makes your clients’ lives better. Don’t just be self-serving, add value.
  3. Don’t get too complicated.
    We are all inundated with information. Simplify wherever you can. Break content into lists (like the one you’re reading now). Take a complex concept like “the highest converting content marketing” and simplify it into 3 easy steps to implement. If you can make it simple, easy to understand and easy to implement–you add value. If you add value, it’s easier to convert a prospect into a customer.

Looking for content marketing help?

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