Digital Marketing for Your Pediatric Practice, Part 4: Your Social Media Presence

Missed our most recent webinar 

A few weeks back, our CEO Brad and one of our marketing advisors, Lauren, led a session on digital marketing strategies to grow your pediatric practice.  

If you weren’t able to attend, you’re in luck, as we’ve recapped the webinar in the series that continues today.  

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When you’re looking for advice on a new company or brand, where do you turn?  

The answer seems pretty clear – family and friends. 

A second question for you: where do family and friends interact?  

You guessed it – social media.  

The main goals of social media are to build trust and drive visibility.  

If you don’t have the time to read this entire post, below you’ll find a quick list of suggestions – we’ll break them down in the bulk of the post. 

How to Improve Social: 

  • Know your audience. 
  • Claim your profiles and accounts.
  • Have a social calendar. 
  • Post consistently. 
  • Share great content. 
  • Be timely.   

Know your audience. 

Understand who’s looking at your social media – parents, family members, and caretakers of children.  

Claim your profiles and accounts. 

We love encouraging our clients to take advantage of the multitude of social media platforms and accounts available for use – mainly because they’re free! 

Marketing doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars a month (nor, in some cases, does it have to cost anything per month).  

You also should be monitoring your Google My Business account to help rank better in searches.  

Have a social calendar. 

Another misconception we often see is the belief that marketing is massive, unmanageable burden for one person to bear.  

There are plenty of ways to move away from this, the easiest of which is creating a social media content calendar. Taking a couple hours at the beginning of each month to plan and schedule your content through a social media planner (also free!) removes the pressure from whoever is responsible.  

It’s also important to prompt others on your team to share your practice’s social media posts to their personal feeds – this greatly extends your reach and can get you information in front of new audiences. 

Post consistently.  

This one is all about balance – posting too much can be annoying, while posting too little makes it difficult for your audience to see your content and therefore develop the needed trust. 

We recommend posting 2-3 times a week, but experimentation is key to finding what works best for your practice.  

Look at your engagement and impression rates, usually available in the analytics features of your social media apps, for clues as to what’s working.  

Share great content.  

What is “great content?”  

Great content should: 

  • Share useful, relevant information 
  • Promote a desired outcome (sometimes called a CTA, or call-to-action) 
  • Feature your practice’s branding or logo  
  • Drive visitors back to your website (and not those of your competitors!) 

Great content can: 

  • Build your audience’s trust 
  • Position you as an industry thought-leader 
  • Increase your online visibility and awareness 

Be timely.  

Timely content allows you to anticipate the needs and desires of your audience before they think to act on them. 

Whether you’re posting in relation to a holiday, time of year (think: back to school, flu season, etc), or upcoming event, try to share answers to questions that haven’t yet been asked. 

The next post in this series will wrap up our webinar recap with a dive into the world of online advertising.  

If you can’t wait until then, watch the whole webinar here! 

Ready to talk social media? 

From content production to social account management, we know a thing or two. Give us a call anytime at 888.576.6100 or reach out to get started.  

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