Was Direct Mail Ever Really Dead?

Are you including direct mail in your marketing campaign? Hopefully, your answer is “yes!”

If not, you should be.

Direct mail is receiving more response than most other marketing methods. So, you should be using it to complement your digital marketing plans.

Here are some reasons why:

Direct mail stands out

Direct mail is different from the online communication we interact with each day. Since the majority of people spend hours online every day, they may see anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads daily. As a result, you don’t want your advertising to get lost in the crowd. By having a direct mail campaign aligned with your digital marketing plans, your business should get noticed more. This is especially true when you include something extra in your mailing, like a contest or word search. After all, people tend to hang onto things when they want to look at them in more detail. When your ads are seen enough times by enough people, you can increase your stream of leads.

Consumers who receive direct mail feel more valued

According to a 2017 study by Royal Mail MarketReach and TNS, 70% of consumers feel more valued by a company that sends them direct mail. The same percentage also says they have a better impression of the company. Part of the reason is that a whopping 87% found direct mail communications to be believable. The trustworthiness and tangibility of mail most likely play a part in this. And, as you know, the more consumers like and trust a company, the more inclined they are to purchase from it.

Consumer responses increase because of direct mail

As shown by a 2017 IPA TouchPoints survey that tracked responses from consumers who received direct mail, online and phone inquiries, store visits, purchases, and service renewals increased because of the mail pieces. The odds of generating an uptick in consumer responses typically increases for companies that include a special offer with their direct mail, such as a gift card or free month of service with purchase.

Companies that use direct mail receive a higher ROI

A 2017 Brand Science review of multi-channel marketing campaigns showed that the inclusion of direct mail resulted in a 12% higher ROI than campaigns without direct mail. When consumers responded to direct mail by visiting a website, the company captured their IP address. The business then began following up with retargeting ads until the consumer was ready to make a purchase.

Want to get started with direct mail?

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