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SEO vs. SEM – Is There a Difference?

Are search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) different things? Of course! Otherwise, they’d have the same name. Haha! RELATED READING What Is SEO A/B Testing and How Can It Benefit Me? – BARQAR 5

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Important Metrics to Track Your SEO Progress

“Hey, our website got 2,000 visitors last month!” Congratulations…maybe. Did you have to pay to get that traffic? Were those unique visitors? New or repeat visitors? How long did those visitors stay on your website

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7 Rules to Follow for SEO-Friendly Content

Humans or algorithms: Which master must your content serve?  Answer: Both!  For your content to rank well in search, appeal to the right audience, and generate leads and sales, it needs to please both search

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