BARQAR Client Profile: Tandoori’s Royal Indian Cuisine

In WNY, if you are in the mood to dine on Royal Indian Cuisine, there is really only one option – an option that has been serving our area for more than 25 years – Tandoori’s Royal Indian Cuisine located on Transit Road in Williamsville.

Over the years, Tandoori’s, and more specifically the owners Ravi & Rita Sabharwal, has been known for many contributions to the WNY community.  Rita has spent much of her time volunteering at the Jewish Chabad House of Buffalo, The Buffalo City Mission, The Women’s Shelter, the WNY Food Bank and the United Way.  The relationship with The Food Bank is largely what inspired Tandoori’s to begin a new annual tradition in 2014 with their Free Buffet Dinner on the night before Thanksgiving, with all donations going to the Food Bank.  That event was repeated in 2015 and is already on the restaurant’s 2016 calendar!

In the restaurant business, 25 years is pretty much the equivalent of multiple lifetimes.  Many eateries come & go in that time. To stay in business that long a restaurant must be doing something right by their patrons.

Knowing this, and knowing that online reviews & testimonials are becoming increasingly important in the digital age, a key opportunity for any business is to capture the impressions of their satisfied customers and broadcast them for the world to see.

Since beginning to use the BARQAR Marketing Online Reputation software, Tandoori’s has seen a huge increase in the positive feedback being left online for them by very satisfied customers.

Consider these numbers achieved with BARQAR:

  • Tandoori’s has accumulated 92 New Online Testimonials to their website with an average rating of 4.8/5.0!!!
    • Not only do these testimonials promote the restaurant to every single person visiting the website but the dynamic content improves Tandoori’s Search Engine Performance, making them easier to find on Google, Bing, Yahoo & more!
  • Among the major websites where reviews are showcased for restaurants (Yelp, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Zomato & Google) the BARQAR software has helped earn 73 reviews for Tandoori’s.
  • Along with the 92 currently on their site – that’s 165 new reviews online!!!

Why are those numbers important?

Let’s say you serve 100 meals per day, 6 days per week, with a 99% customer satisfaction rate…you’re doing GREAT, right?  Well, at that rate you would still have 1872 unsatisfied customers over the course of a year!

If only 10% of those people post a negative review online about your restaurant, that is more than 1 negative review every other day for everyone online to see!  Some negative reviews are inevitable.  Tandoori’s has taken a decidedly proactive approach and worked to populate their various online profiles with the reviews that most accurately reflect the high quality of their food & service.  That way, 1 or 2 outlying negative reviews online will have very little impact on the overall impression people get when they search and find information on Tandoori’s.

Dinner for two

Not convinced yet?  Consider:

  • We all know how important “Word of Mouth” is to success of a restaurant…did you know that nearly 9 out of 10 people say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations!
  • According to eMarketer, 88 percent of Internet users read online reviews in order to determine the quality of a local business.
  • 90% of people report that reviews help them determine the quality of a local business.
  • 90% of people report that positive reviews influence their buying decisions.
  • 86% of people report that negative reviews influence their buying decisions.
  • A Harvard Business School study showed that achieving just a one-star Yelp rating increase can lead to a 9 percent revenue increase for your restaurant!*
  • Just a half-star improvement on Yelp’s 5-star rating makes it 30 to 49 percent more likely that a restaurant will sell out seats during peak hours!*

*Luca, Michael. “Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of Yelp.com.” Harvard Business School Working Paper, No 12-016, September 2011

Tandoori’s has worked to leverage their reputation in the neighborhood as an outstanding dining experience into an outstanding online reputation that will work 24/7 to keep bringing diners through their doors.

Doesn’t your restaurant have an existing reputation that can do the same?

Contact BARQAR today and let us get you leveraging your greatest & most important asset!!

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