BARQAR SEO Case Study: SEO Project for The Summit Center in Buffalo

The Summit Center provides education, programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and developing children and adolescents. As a leader in Autism services in Buffalo and beyond, The Summit Center was interested in building awareness of the amazing programs and services they offer and ensuring that individuals using the Internet to search, could easily find access to the support they needed.

To help, BARQAR’s team of SEO experts in Buffalo, started by conducting a full analysis of the existing website. From there, in-depth keyword research was conducted to identify what search terms were used most frequently by people looking for the services that The Summit Center offers. Keyword analysis not only highlights the most frequently used terms, but terms in which there is great opportunity to rank well and drive more targeted traffic.

The results? AMAZING!

The initial SEO consultation and on-page work was completed near the end of 2015. After a few days Google, Bing and the other search engines began reindexing the website and the results started to show. At the end of the first quarter of 2016, we ran detailed reporting to gauge results.

“Unlike many SEO companies, we don’t just focus on keyword ranking,” said Brad Smith, BARQAR CEO. “Even ranking number one in Google results doesn’t mean anyone is clicking on your website. So instead of gauging success on just where you rank, we look deeper. We look at overall website traffic, user engagement, and most importantly whether the traffic is leading to more inquiries or sales. The real goal of SEO isn’t to just rank well — it’s to drive more inquiries from your target audience. So we look closely at real data to make sure the SEO work we do drives meaningful business results, not just better rankings.”

Here’s a quick overview of initial results:

  • Overall search engine traffic was up 56.51% over the previous year.
  • Google traffic was up 69%
  • Bing traffic increased 55%

This is great! But is it the right traffic?

Again, the goal with SEO isn’t great rankings or just more traffic, we want to have a meaningful business impact. So to help gauge success, we need to make sure we’re getting people to the right places on the website to learn more about services and take action. Here’s a quick look at initial results:

  • New visitors are up 42%
    One of the original goals of the SEO project was to increase awareness in the local community. We were able to increase new visits to the website by a whopping 42%.  These are people that may not have otherwise known about all the amazing autism services, behavioral health services, and vocational services The Summit Center offers.
  • More people are visiting “service pages”
    A big goal was to drive deeper visits to the site and get people to learn more about the wealth of service offerings The Summit Center provides. Overall, traffic to the “What We Do” section of the website increased 57.66%, unique views were up 58% and people are spending more time on those pages!
  • Visits are converting to inquiries
    More traffic is great, but we want to get people to inquire directly about services so that The Summit Center can help even more people!  Here’s a quick snapshot at the amazing growth of traffic to their core service pages:
    The Summit Center locations page traffic up up 17%
    – Their summer camps for children in Buffalo with Autism and ADHD were up 59.55%
    Pediatric Feeding Clinic in Buffalo page traffic was up 136%
    Adults with disabilities programs traffic increased 365%
    – Visits to the applications pages for their ADHD and Autism summer camps in Buffalo skyrocketed 250%

Not just better rankings. Better outcomes.

When investing in Search Engine Optimization, it’s important not to just focus on where you rank for a keyword. Instead look at what impact SEO has on your website traffic, and more importantly, your business objectives. SEO is about creating more visibilty, driving more traffic and increasing conversions.

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