$500 Marketing Investment Increases Traffic by 145.29%

When conducting a deep dive into one of our B2B client’s website data, we noticed a very interesting trend. Return visitors to their website (people that had visited the site within the last few months), converted at a much higher rate than new visitors. In fact, return visitors were 2x as likely to land on the contact page to reach out. The big dilemma is that nearly all of their sales and marketing investment was focused on targeting new business.

The Challenge

Optimize this company’s B2B sales and marketing investment and find a better way to keep their brand in front of new visitors, lead them back to the website, and encourage prospects to continue down the path to conversion.  

The Recommendation

Based on the data trend noted above, we recommended a modest invested in retargeting past website visitors. The campaign started with a very modest monthly advertising budget of just $500–which included all ad AND management costs.

Knowing that B2B sales is rarely a one call / one visit close, this campaign recommendation was focused on staying top-of-mind with those that showed initial interest, so they didn’t completely drop out of the sales funnel. This strategy would also allow the company’s sales reps to focus on A-level prospects, while marketing focused on building their sales funnel.

The Solution

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Ad experts launched a new retargeting campaign to increase brand awareness and keep our client in the spotlight of prospective clients’ throughout the decision-making process. This involved:  

  • Showing ads to people who visited the website but didn’t convert.  
  • Creating ads that “follow” website visitors who showed interest in the company’s services.  
  • Designing ads to match the look and feel of the website, creating further brand consistency and a higher potential for recognition.  

Overall, we crafted this solution with the intent of converting more website visitors and making their sales and marketing efforts more profitable and impactful.

The Results

A short four weeks after the launch of the new retargeting campaign, our client saw a massive impact: 

  • Website users increased by 96.8% 
  • Page views increased by 55.75% 
  • Traffic to the website’s Home page – the destination of the new retargeting ads – increased by 145.29%! 
  • Traffic to the website’s Contact page – a key conversion pathway – increased by 36.84%  

The numbers speak for themselves: Strategic retargeted ads have succeeded in pulling curious prospects back to the website and increasing sales conversions.  

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