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Marketing Tips

Bad Social Marketing Lacks Consistency

Especially when it comes to results! Smart Marketing … is a process. Not an event. Would expect a vegetable garden to yield a great harvest if you didn’t tend it regularly? Of course not. Everyone

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Digital Marketing

Can Using Social Media Stories Help My Business?

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you recognize these three dominant social media platforms. But do you know the full “story” about these sites? While they offer different marketing advantages for

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Inbound Marketing

What Makes My Business Stand Out?

When you say:   “Our service is better!”   “We make amazing products!”   “We’re the best in the business!”   Your customers think:   “Oh yeah? Who cares!”   It’s harsh, but true. While

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Smart Marketing

Here’s How to Build an Instagram Following

It’s visual. Slightly addictive. And taking the marketing world by storm. It’s Instagram – and if your business isn’t using it, you’re missing out on massive opportunities to build your brand, engage with customers (current

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