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Marketing Tips

What Can Facebook Target with Its Advertising?

Facebook is a marketer’s dream. It offers: Unprecedented access. Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide, boasting 2.41 billion monthly active users. The average Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month and spends more

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Smart Marketing

Here’s How to Build an Instagram Following

It’s visual. Slightly addictive. And taking the marketing world by storm. It’s Instagram – and if your business isn’t using it, you’re missing out on massive opportunities to build your brand, engage with customers (current

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Digital Marketing

Are You Using Facebook Ads Effectively?

What’s the difference between a Facebook ad campaign that generates a 1,000x ROI – and one that falls flat on its face? Know-how! And that’s what you’ll find in today’s post. Facebook has enormous advertising

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Social Media

Is Pinterest Worth It Anymore?

When you think of social marketing “heavy hitters,” Pinterest may not immediately spring to mind. After all, the platform is commonly known as an online bulletin board to store and share images and videos. But

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How Long Should My Social Video Be?

This question was originally asked on Quora.com and came to me from a client recently: What is the ideal length for a social media video? For those of you who are making a video for

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