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Doing it Disney Style

Want to make your business as successful as possible?  The key to every successful business are happy customers.  So step up your customer service by injecting a little Disney magic into their experience. Recently, one

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Content Marketing

Are Your Emails Legal?

Are the emails your company is sending out legal? Believe it or not in some countries you could face prison time for sending unsolicited emails or spam.  Another country could impose a $10 million fine

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What’s In Your Social Media Toolbox?

To do the job right, you need the proper tools.  That’s as true in online marketing as it is in construction, healthcare, music & more! Want to learn more about the tools that allow marketers

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The Lesser of 2 Customer Service Evils

Which would you rather have: bad customer service or incompetent customer service? Yikes – how about neither? Customer service guru Shep Hyken recently wrote a great post on the difference between bad and incompetent service.

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