Can Social Media Really Help Healthcare Practices Connect with Patients?

We love it when our efforts yield amazing marketing results for our clients. And the social marketing results we delivered for Allentown Pediatrics (reaching 10x more people) certainly qualify as “amazing.”

But a single statistic doesn’t always tell the whole story of everything we do for our healthcare practices. So, here’s a comprehensive look at how we helped a local pediatrician’s office take a more “grown-up” approach social media – and strengthen relationships with their client base.

The Client:

Seeing patients from birth to age twenty-one, Allentown Pediatrics works closely with families to meet the special needs of each child. By providing anticipatory guidance, ensuring health through immunizations and delivering preventative care, their pediatricians are trained to monitor children’s growth and development from infancy through adolescence and into early adulthood.

The Challenges:

While Allentown Pediatrics has always done an amazing job helping children grow up healthy (they have plenty of patients), they needed a more “grown-up” approach to social marketing. Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Stay more connected with patients and patients’ parents.
  • Help customers become more comfortable using their patient portal.
  • Educate families about child healthcare and safety best practices, healthy habits and more.
  • Encourage families to schedule children’s physicals around birthdays (to deliver preventative care like vaccines at optimal times, and prevent the back-to-school rush).

The practice already had several hundred followers on Facebook, but they came to BARQAR to help them expand their social footprint – and use social media more strategically.


After discussing Allentown Pediatrics challenges and goals, BARQAR’s digital marketing experts put together a cost-effective, yet comprehensive social media marketing plan with the following elements:

  • Creating and growing a presence on Instagram.
  • Sharing fully branded posts and graphics 3 to 4 times each week on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Developing and sharing “rich media” posts each quarter, such as infographics and video.
  • Consulting with our client regularly to review progress, keep content dialed in (vital during the pandemic) and plan next steps.
  • Reflecting diversity: Since this client’s patient base is very broad demographically, we took special care in ensuring the imagery used reflected this diversity.

Here are a few examples of the types of posts we created:


We also turned reviews into graphics, which we then shared on social media:


  • 10x reach. Through a mix of informative posts about their patient portal, health/safety tips and other important information, we helped Allentown Pediatrics reached 10 times more people per day on social media!
  • Built a stronger online brand. Staying visible online, posting positive reviews and sharing “get to know your provider” content keeps Allentown Pediatrics top of mind, while reinforcing their positioning as a compassionate and highly skilled pediatric practice.
  • More opportunities to engage and inform. By homing in on topics most important to patients and their parents, Allentown Pediatrics now strategically uses social platforms to share important information with their customer base.

Is social media really a smart business tool for healthcare practices?

Managed strategically, social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool for healthcare practices. Whether your goal is to build your practice, or simply to increase engagement with current patients, social media allows you to target the exact right individuals, very cost effectively.

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