Author: Brad Smith


Buffalo Fourth of July Fireworks – 2019

As a leading Western New York digital marketing agency, BARQAR is proud to be a part of our great nation. And who doesn’t love fireworks? So, in honor of our country’s “birthday,” we’re sharing our

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Email Marketing

Avoid Black Hat Tactics in Your Email Marketing

Want to alienate your customers? Tick off your prospects? Ruin your company’s online reputation? We didn’t think so! Every business needs to market its products and services. But there’s a big difference between taking the

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Social Media

Is Pinterest Worth It Anymore?

When you think of social marketing “heavy hitters,” Pinterest may not immediately spring to mind. After all, the platform is commonly known as an online bulletin board to store and share images and videos. But

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Technical SEO: Why Is It Important?

Oh, I can almost feel your eyes glazing over after reading this post title. But stick with me – technical SEO isn’t that tough to understand, and it’s incredibly important to your website traffic and

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