Author: Brad Smith

Smart Marketing

Here’s How to Build an Instagram Following

It’s visual. Slightly addictive. And taking the marketing world by storm. It’s Instagram – and if your business isn’t using it, you’re missing out on massive opportunities to build your brand, engage with customers (current

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Digital Marketing

Are You Using Facebook Ads Effectively?

What’s the difference between a Facebook ad campaign that generates a 1,000x ROI – and one that falls flat on its face? Know-how! And that’s what you’ll find in today’s post. Facebook has enormous advertising

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Marketing Tips

How Is Video Marketing Changing the Playing Field?

Tired of being pushed around by big businesses with their massive marketing budgets? Video marketing levels the playing field! Thanks to advances in smartphone technology and the explosion of social media usage, small businesses like

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Should I Geo-Target My SEO Campaign?

Tired of nationals and other big brands dominating the web with their deep pockets? Want to rank better for the most relevant keywords for your niche? Ready to modernize your search engine marketing strategy –

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Email Marketing

Email vs. Cold Calling

To dial or type? THAT is the (marketing) question. On the one hand, statistics shared by HubSpot extol the virtues of email marketing: 59% of respondents say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. More than

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