3 Keys to Effective Content SEO

When was the last time you updated your content strategy? Hopefully, it was recently!

Search engines reward websites that consistently publish high-quality content. This is why you must regularly update your search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to keep up with the changes in Google’s algorithms.

Your site ranks higher when you share content that provides maximum value to readers. As a result, using a meaningful content structure helps deliver a high return on your marketing efforts.

Search engines are improving their understanding of content. For instance, they can analyze the holistic meaning of queries and use natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the information that people want. Search engines also can look at the meaning of paragraphs and provide context for queries and sentences.

These search engine updates mean that your content must be written for humans to understand and benefit from. Although SEO is important for rankings, so is providing value to your readers.

Implement these three keys to create effective content SEO.

1. Publish people-centered content

Focus on what your readers would like to know and how you can help them. Both humans and search engine algorithms appreciate stories, narratives, information and brands.

  • Begin with why your content is important.
  • Focus on who would benefit from your content.
  • Make your content understandable and user-friendly.
  • Share relevant stories to increase engagement.
  • Personalize your content to make it relatable and sharable.

2. Develop your content around topic clusters

Topic clusters answer a range of questions surrounding a subject. Including keywords within your topic clusters maximizes your results.

Some of the benefits of topic clusters include:

  • Scaling your SEO strategy by topic
  • Increasing website engagement
  • Raising your conversions
  • Gaining internal links
  • Attracting backlinks
  • Future-proofing your SEO

3. Include subject matter experts in your content

A subject matter expert (SME) has highly specialized knowledge in a specific industry or field. Creating content that is written by or includes information from an SME provides a range of benefits:

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