2023 SEO Trends to Be Aware Of

Have you been staying on top of the search engine optimization (SEO) trends for 2023? If not, no worries! We know you’re busy and we’ve got your back.

Consumers are changing the ways they interact with search to find things. This means your approach to SEO needs to change as well.

Staying on top of these 2023 SEO trends will help you continue to serve your target audience.

Here are some of the latest SEO trends to be aware of:

Content marketing plans focus on interactive experiences

Users want human-focused solutions delivered through interactions and experiences. This makes users feel like part of the content rather than just passive observers.

Interactivity lets you share stories in compelling ways to promote engagement. This is much more effective than having readers skim traditional articles.

Users expect data-backed insight and memorable experiences to answer their questions and solve their problems. As a result, you must be an authority on the stories and information you share.

Share the following types of content to promote engagement in 2023:

  • E-books
  • Virtual reality
  • Infographics
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Quizzes

Create new channels and content types

Most users engage with multiple devices at one time. For instance, users might be watching TV while holding their smartphones.

Reaching users across multiple channels means they can receive your message in multiple formats. Engaging through various touchpoints encourages users to interact with your brand. Having users visit your website increases conversions and your bottom line.

Use Google Analytics data to understand your audience’s behavior and how they consume content:

  • Focus on how far your audience scrolls or engages with your site across their devices.
  • Pay attention to time and engagements with videos and other media.
  • Use your findings to create content in line with your audience’s preferences.

You can use your written content to develop videos to share on social media platforms:

  • Break down a long-form article into four or five key points to use in an infographic.
  • Use these key points as video snippets for YouTube.
  • Record audio snippets to use in podcasts.
  • Effectively deliver new content in a cost-effective manner.

Share videos with users

Repurpose your written content into video format. Videos rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

TikTok’s popularity shows users want their content delivered in short, digestible videos. You can use your written content to develop videos to share new content in a cost-effective way:

  • Determine which of your top-performing articles can be repurposed into video content.
  • Create videos to summarize the article’s key points.
  • Add visual aids to explain the key points.
  • Emphasize the total content experience for users.

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