Non-Profit Marketing – How to Drive Engagement During a Recession

Is your non-profit organization ready for a recession? If not, now is the time to begin preparing.

Many donors change their giving during a recession. This can lower the amount of funding your non-profit receives. Less funding may mean having to reduce or suspend services that benefit the community.

Using non-profit marketing to drive engagement during a recession can influence donor giving. Keeping your mission and stories of positively impacting the community in front of current and prospective donors reminds them there are people who need their help. This encourages donors to continue giving during a recession.

How can you use non-profit marketing to drive engagement during a recession?

Invest in search engine optimization

Analyze your website content and traffic sources. Your content helps people and search engines understand what your non-profit does and how it benefits the community.

The more information you provide through your content, the more your site will rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher your rank, the more clicks your site receives. More clicks mean greater web traffic and donations.

  • Generate content through blog posts, evergreen articles, testimonials and case studies from recipients and partner organizations. More content means more mentions, consistency and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Ask board members, donation recipients and educational or government institutions in your non-profit’s network to link to your website. The more quality backlinks to relevant sites you receive, the higher you rank high in SERPs.
  • Encourage your non-profit partners to share your website on social media, subscribe to your newsletter or provide testimonials. Create as many contact points as possible between relevant sources and your website.
  • Evaluate your site’s user experience (UX). Ensure your site loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Check that your call to action is clear. Use your website analytics to determine how users spend time on your site, what they engage with and how fast they leave. Find ways to improve your site and conversion rates.

Sign up for the Google Ad Grant

Google for Nonprofits provides a $10,000 monthly credit for qualifying organizations to create Google Ads. This in-kind advertising can be used to raise awareness, recruit volunteers and attract donors.

Increase your newsletter subscriptions

Use events, volunteer opportunities and online content to engage with the community. Encourage community members to sign up for your newsletter. Your subscribers are likely to volunteer for your events and donate to your non-profit.

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