Online Advertising – How to Track Offline Conversions

Is this your first time setting up offline conversions for your online advertising? If so, you need to track your offline conversions to maximize your success.

Offline conversions are valuable actions that were impacted by your ad investment and cannot be tracked by traditional methods. Examples include a free trial that results in a paying customer, completed enrollment in a class, funded deals and in-store purchases.

Offline conversion tracking identifies sales, subscriptions and other actions that occur outside of your website. This is why tracking offline conversions is important.

So, how can you set up and track your offline conversions?  

Add values to your conversions

Assigning a value to each action helps optimize your offline conversion tracking.

  • You can use dynamic values from your customer relationship management (CRM) system or Google’s calculator to create estimations.
  • The values tell the machine learning technology how much each conversion is worth.
  • The system bids in line with value-based bidding strategies.

Optimize for each funnel stage

Optimizing your advertising campaigns for each funnel stage generates more conversion data and speeds up the learning phase.

  • Set up 2-week experiments with significant bidding changes to determine which are most effective.
  • Use an increase in back-end conversions as your main metric for success.

Optimize for the lowest possible conversion point

Optimize for one conversion event at a time.

  • Treat each campaign individually.
  • Adjust the campaigns ready to move down the funnel.
  • Set up an experiment to optimize to the lowest point in the funnel.
  • Create custom columns in the Google Ads interface to sort and visualize your data.
  • Independently analyze each campaign.
  • Keep in mind that top-of-funnel keywords will more slowly generate through your pipeline than your high-intent, non-brand or brand keywords.
  • Ensure your individual campaign optimization goals and bidding strategies align with the funnel stage and what works best.

Drive lower-funnel results

Use your collected data to optimize for lower points in the funnel.

  • Change one variable at a time when experimenting with a bidding strategy.
  • Run three cycles of experiments to determine a winner.
  • Be aware that combining the most effective optimization goals and bidding strategies can take months.

Test value-based bidding

Maximize your conversion value and targeted return on ad spend bidding strategies.

  • Automatically adjust bids to predict the value of a potential conversion when a user searches for the keywords you bid on.
  • Experiment to find the most effective bidding strategies.

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