What Is Google’s Helpful Content Update and What Can You Do to Rank Higher?

Have you heard about Google’s helpful content update? It targets websites that have a high amount of unhelpful content that was written for search engines rather than humans.

Google’s helpful content update came about because searchers were getting frustrated by reading unsatisfying content designed to rank well in search engines but not necessarily provide value to readers. The content typically was stuffed with keywords but did not make sense to humans.

Google’s algorithm update rewards useful content that was created for humans rather than search engines. This helps searchers find authentic, high-quality content in line with their search intent.

If you noticed any changes in your Google ranking and visibility, they may be because of the helpful content update. If so, you should make changes to your content to potentially increase your ranking.

How can you use Google’s helpful content update to rank higher?

Write about what you know

Create content on the topics you are an expert in. These are the topics you truly understand and can share valuable information on.

Share your unique perspective

Let others know the information you have that most people don’t. This may include your personal experiences that can enhance others’ lives. Providing unique information can increase your social shares, backlinks and website traffic.

Focus on a specific industry

Create content relevant to the industry you work in. Your expertise in the subject matter can provide significant value to readers.

Conduct keyword research

Research which keywords are often searched for in your industry. These keywords indicate what readers are most interested in learning about. Include the top keywords in content based on a topic you are highly familiar with. Your content should rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Make your content actionable

Include specific takeaways in your content and the action readers should take next. You may want to share a summary of the main ideas and where to sign up for a free e-book, newsletter, or service trial.

Appeal to diverse audiences

Although some people like reading entire articles, most prefer skimming the information. Also, many people like watching videos, listening to stories, or looking at infographics rather than reading. This is why providing different types of content is beneficial.

Regularly update your content

Your content will age and get less traffic over time. This is why creating new content or updating old content is important. Sharing fresh, relevant information enhances the user experience. It also can increase conversions.

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