How to Take Over Ownership of a Facebook Page

Is your Facebook Business Page owned either by a former employee or an unknown individual? If so, you won’t be able to access and update your Page.

You or several of your employees should have ownership of the Facebook Page that represents your company. Otherwise, the following issues can come up:

  • You cannot add your employees to your Page or assign them administrative duties.
  • You may be unable to see previous ads that your Business Manager ran.
  • You cannot have a marketing company help with your paid advertising through your Facebook Page.

So, how can you take over ownership of a Facebook Page?

Find out who owns your business page

Your Facebook Page may be owned by either a person or a Business Manager account. If you don’t have access to your Page, a Business Manager likely owns it.

Many companies use Business Manager to control their Facebook assets and limit access to select individuals. As a result, your company may be locked out when the person who created the Business Manager is unknown or no longer works for your organization.

  • Open your company’s Facebook Page.
  • Click Settings.
  • Scroll to Page Roles.
  • Click Page Roles to determine the owner or Business Manager.
  • If there is an owner, you will find a list of admins.
  • These admins should have complete access to the Page.
  • The admins can add employees to the Page and set up advertising partnership requests.
  • If there is a Business Manager, you will find the name and ID of the Manager.

Gain access to your Facebook Page

If your Page has a Business Manager who works for your company, ask them to add you as an admin. If the Business Manager no longer works for you, ask them to add you or a trusted employee as an admin. Then, delete the original Business Manager.

Ensure you have at least two or three trusted admins. This prevents getting locked out of your Page.

Use Facebook Concierge Support to access your Facebook Page

If necessary, you can send Facebook an Admin Dispute Request through Facebook Support or Facebook Business Help. The Requestor will need a valid photo ID and a signed statement with the request and the following information:

  • A description of the Requestor’s relationship to the Business and authority to request access to the Page
  • An explanation of the request and whether the individual owner or Business Manager had their employment terminated
  • The Facebook account and email address associated with the Facebook profile to be added as the new Page admin
  • The Business Manager ID Number to be added
  • The total of the last three invoices on the ad account(s) the Business owns
  • The last four digits on the credit card
  • The credit card expiration date
  • A declaration that the information provided is true and accurate

If your request is approved, you can do the following:

  • Add employees with different levels of access based on their role and your preferences
  • Run any paid advertising on Facebook through your Business Manager for more options and control over your ads.
  • Use your Business Manager to manage your ads in one place, streamline your advertising and target your audiences.

Do you need help taking ownership of your Facebook Page?

Talk with BARQAR’s digital media experts! We’ll help you gain access and optimize your Page for increased business success!

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