Are You Eligible for the Google Ad Grant?

If you work for a non-profit, thanks for promoting a worthwhile cause! Your service is making the world a better place.

To show our appreciation for your efforts, we want to let you know about Google Ad Grants. This program provides a monthly grant of up to $10,000 to spend on Google Ads to increase your traffic through Google Search.

Of course, your non-profit must meet the criteria to be eligible for a Google Ad Grant. You also must follow the application process to receive a grant.

What is a Google Ad Grant?

Google awards eligible non-profits with $10,000 per month in Ad credits. These credits can be used to bid on cause-related keywords. These keywords help non-profits advertise their donation page, involvement page or another important page at the top of Google search results.

How can a Google Ad Grant benefit your non-profit?

We know how much non-profits love in-kind donations! Securing a Google Ad Grant provides the following benefits:

  • Elevated online visibility and reach
  • Increased interactions with the most important content on your non-profit’s website
  • Higher promotion to potential sponsors, donors, volunteers and advocates
  • The ability to run multiple marketing campaigns at once
  • Free analytics to determine your campaigns’ success
  • Potentially greater online donations, event registrations, volunteer sign-ups and advocacy

What are the Google Ad Grant eligibility requirements?

The requirements vary by country but follow the same general structure:

  • Your non-profit must hold current charity status. In the U.S., this means being registered as a 501(c)(3) organization with the IRS.
  • Your non-profit must be registered with TechSoup and Google for Nonprofits.
  • You must agree to the required certifications involving nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • Your functioning website needs a significant amount of valuable content.

How do you verify your Google Ad Grant eligibility?

  • Register with TechSoup. The verification process typically takes 2-14 days. When complete, your non-profit will receive a validation token to provide to Google.
  • Sign up for a Google for Nonprofits account. The application process requires your non-profit’s tax identification number, non-discrimination policies, and general organization and contact information. This process can take several days.
  • Apply for a Google Ad Grant. The process involves signing in to your Google for Nonprofits account, activating your account and filling out the eligibility form. Then, you must return to Google for Nonprofits and submit your account for review.
  • Wait for TechSoup and Google to confirm your accounts. Then, create your Google Ads account and create your marketing campaigns in line with your goals.

How can you maintain your Google Ad Grant eligibility?

Your non-profit can remain compliant with the program’s policies by following these best practices:

  • Log in at least once a month and update your account at least every 90 days to show you’re using the grant.
  • Target your ads to your desired audience by topic and region.
  • Evaluate your keywords every month to determine what’s working and what needs changing.
  • Maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR) to keep your non-profit’s account activated.

Need help determining your non-profit’s eligibility for a Google Ad Grant?

We know this process can seem overwhelming. That’s why BARQAR is here to help! We’ll confirm your eligibility, then walk you through the steps to effectively use the grant. Reach out today for a free consultation!

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