Does a Small Non-Profit Need a Website?

The short answer is, yes!

Your website is an essential part of your non-profit’s communication strategy. It provides your organization’s mission, vision, goals and contact information for your target audience.

Your website increases your reach beyond your local advocates. It inspires visitors to become clients, volunteers, donors or sponsors. This builds visibility, legitimacy and public trust for your non-profit.

Ready to get started building your non-profit’s website?

You can build a website using these guidelines:

Discuss your outcomes

Talk with colleagues, board members, clients and other stakeholders about the desired outcomes for your website.

  • Determine what your target audiences are and which behaviors to encourage.
  • Include the target demographics of the individuals or families you help.
  • Your outcomes may include greater awareness, increased donations, or additional members or volunteers.
  • Prioritize content, clicks and metrics for your website.

Target your audience

Customize your content for each target audience. This narrows down your message to reach the right individuals.

  • Potential audiences include current and prospective clients, individual donors, corporate sponsors and government agencies.
  • Create a persona for each group, including the average age, internet usage and how to best reach the group.
  • Tie your content to your non-profit’s goals.

Design your website

Center your website around its purpose.

  • Include your non-profit’s mission statement and core values on your homepage, About page and other pages for high visibility.
  • Share your organization’s history and current status on your About page.
  • Clarify how your non-profit differs from similar organizations.
  • Post text, images and videos of your non-profit helping clients.
  • Unify your website’s style, design, tone and content.

Dedicate pages to your visitors

Use your list of priority visitors to determine how many pages will focus on each group.

  • Consider the information each type of visitor would seek.
  • Target the majority of information on your top priority group.
  • Link to information on other pages on your website that visitors may want to know.
  • Include calls to action to guide visitors to your most important pages, such as your donation page.

Need help developing your non-profit website? 

The BARQAR team can create a website that works for your non-profit 24/7. We’ve built over 1,000 websites featuring eye-catching design, engaging content and simple-to-use navigation. We’d be happy to do the same for you! Contact us today!

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