Keys to Great Marketing Storytelling

Sharing stories is an essential way of communicating with others. Telling persuasive stories lets you capture your listeners’ attention while educating and entertaining them.

This is why your marketing stories are so important. The more memorable and sharable your stories are, the more impactful they will be for your prospects and customers. This elevates your customer base.

So, how can you effectively tell marketing stories?

Use the following information as a guide:

Make your customer the hero

Impactful stories are about a person. They are the hero of the story.

If you choose your company to be the hero, your marketing message likely will come off as selfish and be ignored. This doesn’t encourage prospects or customers to build trusting relationships with your business.

Instead, make your customer the hero of your story. The hero is transformed from an ordinary person to an extraordinary individual as the story progresses.

Have a goal

Understand where your customer-hero is now and where they want to go. Focus on how your product/service solves customer problems. Include how your offerings can transform your hero into the person they want to become.

Consider the following questions about your customer-hero:

  • What will your customer-hero look like after the transformation?
  • What will they be able to do that they can’t do now?
  • Will your customer-hero gain something they don’t currently have?
  • How will their beliefs change?
  • Will your customer-hero gain new connections or relationships?
  • Who will they become after the transformation?

Create an obstacle

The distance between where your customer-hero is now and where they want to go forms the basis of your story. They need your company to help with their transformation.

The internal obstacles preventing your customer-hero from reaching their goal are important. These obstacles may include emotional and psychological roadblocks and inner limitations that must be overcome to reach victory.

Include your company as the mentor

Your business is the mentor that provides the necessary information and tools for your customer-hero to attain their goal. This provides the basis for your customer-hero to reap the results of their own effort and results.

Emphasize the fact that your company exists to guide, coach and help your customer-hero. It does not solve all of their problems. This would infantize your customer-hero and make for an unsatisfying ending.

Share the moral

Spell out the moral of your story. This may include any of the following:

  • Like your customer-hero, your audience can overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.
  • Your company can mentor customers to become better versions of themselves.
  • Your customers can overcome obstacles to find what they’re searching for.

Share what the main takeaway of your story is. Include what your audience should do next. This likely includes taking a specific action involving your business.

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