Building Your Marketing Lists with Great, SEO-Rich Content

Are you looking to grow your subscriber lists? After all, your subscribers are your most engaged audience.

Are you wondering HOW you can grow your subscriber lists? One effective way is by creating SEO-rich content.

The stronger your search engine optimization (SEO), the higher your content ranks in search engines. This entices users to visit your site, devour your content and subscribe to receive more.

Find out how creating SEO-rich content can help build your marketing lists.

How do I attract potential subscribers to my site?

  • Perform keyword research: Use data-led keyword research and topic selection to grow your blog. Choosing the right keywords and topics to write about helps you rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This draws organic traffic to your site. It also can increase the number of subscribers who want to read more from your brand.
  • Create useful content: Choose a target keyword, then create content based on the topic and the questions a searcher may have. Sharing your content improves your organic visibility. Users who enjoy your content may sign up for your newsletter or blog to receive more content in their inboxes.
  • Reoptimize content: Update old content by covering more topics. This lets your content rank for a higher number of keywords. It also drives more clicks to your page. This attracts more potential subscribers.
  • Include audio/visuals in content: Content with images, infographics or videos typically drives more clicks to your site than written text alone. This can increase your click-through rate (CTR), average keyword position and number of organically generated backlinks. These results drive more potential subscribers to your website.
  • Create pillar pages: These search-targeted, long-form guides are a cross between a blog post and a landing page. Users who view these pages may bounce less, view more pages per session, and subscribe to your content at a higher rate.

How do I get visitors to become email subscribers?

  • Use a pop-up form: Make sure your pop-up form clarifies what the user is signing up for. Also, provide enough time for visitors to skim your content and decide they want to subscribe to receive more.
  • Include a sticky sidebar: A sticky sidebar follows the reader down the page and encourages them to subscribe to your content.
  • Embed an inline “subscribe” call to action: Include this inline CTA about halfway down the page for each blog post.
  • Include a dedicated newsletter sign-up page + navigation link: Have a dedicated landing page to promote your newsletter. Explain what subscribers receive by entering their contact information. Share some of your best content to read so that visitors decide to subscribe.

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