Can I Target My Email List on Facebook?

Is your SMB interested in an increased conversion rate among email sign-ups and a decreased cost per lead? Does it also seek a higher conversion rate among targeted members of your email list who either never purchased or have not purchased within 30 days? And, does your company want a higher number of Facebook likes, Shares and comments, increased engagements per post, and lower cost per like?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, then you’ve come to the right place!

By integrating your Facebook Ads with your email list, you can target each Ad to a group of people who engaged or purchased before and are interested in your products/services.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Provide Facebook with your list of emails stored in your customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • Facebook matches the email addresses you provided with the ones registered within the platform.
  • Facebook creates a list and targets the users for your Ad.

Why is email list targeting a big deal?

Targeting your Facebook Ads to your contacts gives you the most specific focus possible. You aren’t targeting by age group, gender or specific interest and hoping you’re right. Instead, you’re targeting the names of people who already engaged with your brand and encouraging them to do so again.

How do you target your email list?

  • Start by importing your email lists from your CRM tool to Facebook Ad tools.
  • Save your imported contact list within its own CRM inside Ads Manager. You can come back to this list as needed for different ads and emails.

How can you target a lookalike audience?

A lookalike audience is made up of users generated by Facebook that best match your imported contact list.

  • Facebook analyzes age segment, gender, location, precise interests, broad categories and other demographic similarities.
  • An algorithm matches the details with existing Facebook users to find the best matches for your next Ad.

How can targeting a lookalike audience affect your ad creatives?

A lookalike audience likely is unfamiliar with your brand. This is why you may want to run two ads to the same lookalike audience. Running a long-term ad with your logo as the image can help with brand recognition.  Including a short-term ad with an engaging call to action (CTA) or offer may increase your conversions.

Do you need help with your email list targeting?

Talk with BARQAR’s digital media experts! We’ll discuss your business and its goals, then recommend the right solution to help you build your brand and sell more.

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