Digital Marketing for Your Pediatric Practice, Part 5: Online Advertising

Today’s post is the last installment in our ongoing recap series, where we’ve broken down the content we shared in our September 15th webinar.  

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“Our practice doesn’t have a big marketing budget – how should we use the money we have?” 

We hear this one a lot. With a couple hundred dollars per month, practices want to be sure they’re spending effectively and efficiently.  

Our answer? Online advertising.   

Healthcare digital advertising spend is expected to overtake TV advertising spend for the first time in 2021 – which means it’s a great time to hop on board. 

No two online ads are the same, either, which means there are plenty of options for different budgets. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to target ads: 


69% of people reported location as an important factor when searching for a new pediatrician. Geo-fenced ads allow you to target views within a certain mile range of your practice; this is especially useful if you have multiple spaced out offices. 

Use Competitors’ Keywords 

Many new providers come to your location from other practices. Make sure their old patients see they’ve moved locations by using different keywords. If they’ve moved from XYZ Pediatrics, for example, try incorporating that practice’s name into your keywords. 

Demographics and Interests  

Target audiences likely to have a need for your services. Are they pregnant? Did they just get married? Are they looking to move to your area? 

Many platforms give you the ability to target your ads based on specifics like these. 

View the whole webinar here.

Having reached our last installment in this series on pediatric digital marketing, one question remains: does any of this stuff really work? 

In short: yes.  

If you’re interested in reading how digital marketing benefitted one practice, check out this case study. If not, we recommend you scroll to check out these statistics anyway: 

Ready to start growing your practice, or still on the fence?  

Either way, give us a call at 888.576.6100 or reach out here. We’d be more than happy to provide solutions to your biggest marketing problems. 

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