Best Practices for Pediatric Digital Marketing, Part 5: The Myth of the Silver Bullet

The pandemic certainly took its toll on the pediatric industry – but the resulting rise of telehealth has created great opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing.  

When done correctly, digital healthcare marketing can increase visibility, build better patient relationships, and ultimately grow pediatric practices.  

Today’s installment is the last in our ongoing best practices for pediatric marketing series.

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Best Practice #5: Recognize there’s no silver bullet solution.

If you came to this series looking for the one-size-fits-all marketing magic trick, we’re sorry to say it doesn’t exist.  

That’s not to say a digital marketing plan won’t go a long way to improving your marketing returns (it will!) – they’re just more involved than a simple quick-fix. 

No two strategies are the same, even within the same industry. But the core of every solid plan revolves around a few key aspects.

Let’s recap: 

Strong Online Presence.

Your website is your digital waiting room.  

Keeping it up-to-date with accurate positioning helps establish trust by informing patients ahead of time what to expect from their experience.  

Introducing great resources – like BARQAR’s Pediatric Resource Center – gives your clientele a reason to visit your website and come back another day. 

Good SEO.

Better search rank + strong website conversion path = more new patients. 

The formula we introduced in Part 4 is essential to growing your practice.  

New visitors who are able to find your website in a search and easily take your desired action are more likely to convert to new patients. 

Good Social Media.

A successful social media presence relies on creative and consistent (both in frequency and quality) content.  

It also should involve teamwork – the goal is to get your content in front of new audiences, after all. 

Find ways to showcase the best parts of your practice (like testimonials!) across different platforms. 

Paid Advertising.

While we didn’t discuss the value of paid advertising in this series, its benefits to a marketing campaign can be substantial. 

There are several types of paid ads, ranging from display ads to PPC, each with their different advantages in different situations.  

Traditional digital advertising is a great way to bring in visitors from all over the internet. 

Click here to learn more about the Pediatric Resource Center – for a limited time, license 50+ articles and infographics for just $195/month with no start-up fee. 

Ready to get started?

Whatever your healthcare marketing needs, BARQAR is here to help – we’re experts in everything from SEO and reputation management to PPC and content marketing. 

Contact us or give us a call at 88-576-6100 today!

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