Best Practices for Pediatric Digital Marketing, Part 4: Invest in SEO

Though business has resumed as normal for many industries, pediatrics hasn’t yet recovered from the serious hit it took at the beginning of the pandemic. 

However, an increased demand for remote, digital healthcare has created opportunities to spur practice growth through digital marketing. 

Our series on the best practices for pediatric digital marketing continues today with Part 4. 

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Best Practice #4: Search Engine Optimization  

Whether it’s due to aging out, a move, or something else entirely, patients and their families eventually leave their pediatric practices.  

Ensuring you have a relatively constant influx of new patients prevents loss while also giving your practice the best opportunity to grow.  

Sounds easy enough – but how do you establish a steady flow of newcomers? 

The equation is pretty simple: 

Better search rank + strong website conversion path = more new patients.  

Let’s break it down. 

Better search rank.

Improving your search engine optimization is a one-way ticket to better rankings on Google. With a higher search rank, you’ll appear closer to the top when someone searches for a pediatrician in your area.  

 A quick list of SEO suggestions:
  • Post regular, relevant content  
  • Optimize your content with keywords 
  • Collect testimonials to be featured on your website  
  • Ensure your website is accessible across different tech (think mobile, iPad, etc) 
  • License BARQAR’s Pediatric Resource Center – 50+ infographics and articles come pre-optimized to boost your SEO and turn your website into a powerful patient resource 

Strong website conversion path.

A conversion path describes the steps you want your customers to take towards your end goal. 

To understand your own conversion path, make sure you identify your objective. Do you want visitors to your website to schedule an appointment? Submit a contact us request? Like you on Facebook? 

Whatever it is, make sure your website is designed with that goal in mind.  

Don’t bury your contact information or social media pages in your website – you want visitors traveling along your conversion path to experience as little resistance as possible 

Call to actions, or CTAs, are great tools to help encourage your visitors. For example: “Click here to schedule an appointment.” “Visit us on Facebook here.”  

More new patients.

When your website is readily accessible and your end goal is easily reachable, new patients will be much more likely to follow through. 

Click here to learn more about the Pediatric Resource Center – for a limited time, license 50+ articles and infographics for just $195/month with no start-up fee. 

Ready to boost your SEO and grow your practice?

BARQAR can help.  

Contact us or give us a call at 88-576-6100 to get started today. 

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