2021 Email Marketing Trends That Might Shock You

Email marketing in 2021 has introduced lots of creative ways to connect with your customers. With more customers working from home and shopping online, there’s a greater need than ever to reach out to them through digital marketing. You can use your emails to share your brand ethics, increase organic traffic to your website, track analytics on customer engagement, and sell your products/services.

Robotic process automation  

Personalize your email marketing by using automation and AI to send targeted emails that appeal to your specific audience segment. You can analyze your customer’s shopping habits, opening rates, and favorite products/services, then create an email that mentions these behaviors. So, if a customer often abandons their cart before purchase, your email could focus on this issue and include a friendly reminder with a call to action. Be sure you include the customer’s name and a personalized message, too.

Artificial intelligence  

You can use AI to process and analyze large amounts of data to predict outcomes. This lets you better target your email campaign to specific customer segments. You also can use AI to clean up mailing lists, restructure email campaigns, write subject lines in emails, and optimize send times and surveys. This can increase your open rate and conversion rate.

User-generated content  

Include in your emails customer reviews, poll results, or photos of your customers using your products/services. After all, users are more likely to trust your offerings if they see positive feedback from a variety of customers. This can increase organic traffic to your website and raise your conversion rate.


Include in your emails GIFS and hover-over imagery, a clear call to action, design mode options, polls, or interactive carousels showcasing your products/services. Or, add gamification elements such as interactive tests and quizzes, holiday cards with an interactive user-face, prize draws, or trivia. Be sure your choices relate to your target market or offerings. Interactive marketing creates a positive user experience that entertains and engages your customers. This encourages them to purchase your product/service.


Be transparent about how your customers’ data is used. Show that you adhere to current data privacy laws to meet customer expectations and earn trust and loyalty. Use your email to inform customers about upcoming changes to data privacy and how you are protecting their information. Be sure you make it easy to unsubscribe from your mailing list as well. This enhances customer privacy while refreshing your subscriber list to include the most engaged customers.

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