Questions to Answer Before Implementing a Facebook Advertising Campaign


With billions of monthly users and typically low-cost-per-click, you should get a good ROI from your Facebook advertising campaign, right? The answer is, it depends on whether you’re doing it correctly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to Facebook Ads or tried to create a campaign in the past. Asking yourself these questions can help you develop a successful ad platform.

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Did I set the proper objectives?

Consider what your goal is for creating a Facebook Ad. It may be to increase awareness of your product/service, encourage people to seek more information, or encourage the purchase or use of your offerings. Depending on your objective, you might want to show your ad to a significant number of people in your target audience, send people to your landing page or show products from your online catalog to generate sales. Setting the right objective lets you target the right audience for increased success.

Did I include the correct budget?

Decide whether you want to budget at the ad set or campaign level. If you choose the ad set level, you set both the amount to spend and the type of budget to establish. The types of ad budgets include daily and lifetime. The daily budget is the average amount to spend on an ad set or campaign each day. The lifetime budget is the amount to spend over the entire ad set or campaign. If you choose standard delivery, Facebook aims to spend the budget evenly over the ad set’s lifetime. You set the dates and times for when your ad begins and ends. When the amount spent reaches your limit, your ad stops running. You can update your limit if you want to keep your ad going.

Is my ad placement correct?

Be sure you think about where your ad will appear, what it will look like and how it represents your company. This should be in line with your objective. So, if you’re looking to reach a smaller audience, you might opt for a placement in Facebook Stories, Instagram and Messenger. Keep in mind that where you place your ad affects your cost-per-click. So, if you choose a Facebook News Feed placement, it’ll probably cost about twice as much as placement in your Facebook Right Column.

Do you want to maximize results for your Facebook Ads campaign?

You’ve come to the right place! BARQAR’s social media marketing experts can help you build and execute the ideal Facebook advertising campaign for your goals, audience and industry. Talk with us about your needs today!

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