Choosing the Best Content to Share on Social Media

Do you want to improve your strategy for curating your best social media content? Of course!

The content you share on social channels affects how your company brand is perceived. So, you need to figure out which content is appropriate for your audience, brand, and social networks. Here are some tips.

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Who is my audience?

Your goal is to start a conversation. So, you need a topic that interests your target audience.

Consider what they are doing online, what they find entertaining, and which problems they are trying to solve. Focus on your existing customer and social media audience demographics like age, location, stage of life, and spending power and patterns. And, monitor relevant keywords and hashtags to see what people are saying about your company and its competitors.

Be sure to research which social channels your audience uses. After all, different platforms affect your audience’s expectations.

Find out which social media channels your competitors use. Find patterns in engagement data. Of course, their audience most likely overlaps with yours. Use your findings to craft messaging and ads that make address your audience’s pain points and helps meet their goals. This strengthens brand loyalty and the customer experience, leading to potentially higher conversion rates, referrals and repeat business.

How do I find high-quality sources?

Make sure the content you share is credible, accurate and appealing to your audience. This builds trust and authority for your company brand.

You may set up Google Alerts for topics your customers are interested in. Also, check for updates on popular articles you shared before. And, sign up to receive industry blog posts and newsletters. Plus, use only 20% of your original content to promote your business.

Be sure the pages you share have a limited number of ads to avoid overwhelming readers. And, credit the source and/or author when possible. Tagging a high-profile account can increase your reach and engagement.

How Do I Decide What’s Relevant?

The content you share needs to be relevant and timely. You could see what’s trending right now in your industry that interests your audience. Or, you might ask what type of content your followers would like to see. And, see what your competitors are sharing, then share similar information.

Make sure the content you share is up to date and appropriate for the time of year. After all, your audience isn’t interested in holiday ideas when it’s summertime.

Where can I get help with my company’s social media?

If you have questions about using social media for your business or are ready to get started, contact BARQAR. Our social media experts are ready to help you today!

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